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Who Are Orchard Stewards

Stewards are the primary caregivers to any public orchard.

Together we make up the Common Orchard Project! It is our mission to empower, train, and equip steward to grow healthy, abundant fruit in their communities.

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  • Free Trainings in caring for holistic orchards

  • Join a community of 30+ other Orchard Stewards in the Cincinnati area.

  • Community Supported tools, herbs, medicinals and flowers every Spring, and ingredients for holistic sprays. 

  • Community Support to answer questions about disease, pests, harvest, pruning, and all other tricky aspects of orcharding.

  • Orchard Steward handbook and text book.

  • Master Orchardist Certificate.


The orchard is YOURS and will require regular maintenance by your team of two or more people. Time spent in the orchard depends on the task, number of trees, and number of people involved. After the 3rd year, a 10 tree orchard will take about a 30-60 minutes (Average) per week to water, weed, prune, scout for pests, harvest and otherwise tend. It is advisable to visit the orchard at least once a week during the growing season (March-November). We ask of you:

  • To help other orchard stewards through answering questions, sharing best practices, and joining in on shared volunteer opportunities.

  • To care for and keep your orchard productive and engaged in your community. While ensuring that at least half of the produce goes to those in need.

  • If you can no longer be a steward, find a successor to ensure that the orchard continues to grow and bring people together.

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The Orchard Steward Training is 10 sessions in total. We expect it might take a year or two before these skills are "in your bones" and you truly feel comfortable pruning, spraying, and scouting on your own. Please register when you plan to attend and come as you are able. Reach out to us for help and soon enough, you will be an Orchard Master!
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